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What are Public Records?

A public record is any document or piece of information that is not considered confidential. For example, in California, when a couple fills out a marriage license application, they have the option of checking the box as to whether the marriage is "confidential" (Record will be closed, and not opened to public once recorded) or "Public" (Record will become public record once recorded). Basically, if the marriage record is public, a copy of the record can be ordered from the County in which the marriage occurred. Read Full Article >

What To Know When Searching For Public Records

In the beginning, before the gods created the internet, public records were located in the basements of courthouses, recorders' offices, city halls and the halls of administration. News Flash: Those records are still there! Those public records are...Read More >

Where Can I Find Outstanding Arrest Warrants?

Arrest warrant information for most states are not public record to non-law enforcement. However, there are a few exceptions and there are now dozens of counties around the United States that have recent arrest warrant information online. Read More >

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